Thank you for your interest in The Great Family Escape!

We Strive to;

Connect you directly with your target market.
Raise your profile and share your product with families wishing to holiday in New Zealand.
Create a community of like minded operators and networking opportunities.
Promote your listing through a raft of social media.

 If your business fits within our vision – we’d love you to join us!



NZD$14.95/+GST per month
  • Choose up to 2 Categories from Accommodation – Eateries – Shopping – Activities – Transport
  • Choose up to 2 locations pinned to our map for identification
  • Add up to 6 images to showcase your product/s
  • Add 1 short video link to engage your visitors


NZD$19.95/+GST per month
  • Have a featured listing for extra prominence
  • Have sticky links to your listing on other pages
  • Choose up to 5 categories from Accommodation – Eateries – Shopping – Activities – Transport
  • Choose up to 4 locations pinned to our map for identification
  • Add up to 12 images to showcase your product/s
  • Add 2 short video links to engage your visitors





Our Objectives:


To engage and connect with your audience of family travellers and those planning a trip within New Zealand.




  • We are a group of media professionals at the top of our game with a proven track record in working with our clients to achieve their marketing goals.
  • We provide affordable platforms which allow even the smallest operator to stand side by side with the corporates.
  • We work with you to create the best informative content that will give you a greater reach and higher web traffic.
  • We drive our audience directly to YOUR website! -Our audience books directly through you hence no commission taken!
  • Uplift and add value to your current brand
  • No contracts, you choose when you list and how long you list for.
  • We strive to provide our audience with holiday options for all ages, from parents to teens and tiny tots. We have a wide range on offer emphasising vendors who cater to special requirements.
  • Not only do we cover the main destinations but also those off the beaten track and hidden gems that offer something quite unique.
  • We offer free travel tips and advice to our audience. We also love to team up with our vendors, endorse their products and services and work with them to promote their regions.

Social Media


A major social media presence with a huge focus on our Facebook audience and established campaigns on Instagram and Pinterest.

Blogging and content creation with a strong focus on important family moments, travel hacks, tips and advice, creating great memories through travel and experiences.

Video content is also a huge part of our branding, setting us apart from the rest.