About Us

Welcome to The Great Family Escape, the website which helps you plan your next family adventure within New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Anyone organising a busy household wants to take the easiest options, right? Well, The Great Family Escape is designed to alleviate stress & cut search time, simply by bringing everything, specific to your needs, into one place. Discover popular destinations, places off the beaten track, hidden gems that offer something quite unique and vendors who cater to your special requirements. From teens to the tiny tots, we have options to suit all ages.

Who am I and why this website?…. I am Reanna Smith, founder of The Great Family Escape. I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand and love living in a city that is slowly on the mend and ever evolving. I share my life with my partner and between us, we have 5 children varying in age from late teens right down to toddlers. My children and family- are my everything!

I started this website with the desire to make family holiday planning less time consuming and EASY! Having everything in one place just makes so much sense to me!

The idea came about during my pregnancy with my youngest. He was a big surprise and I knew I needed to explore my options so that, somehow, I could contribute and build a comfortable future for my family. Coming up with the idea was the easiest part.

With a background in Television and video production, producing and presenting a South Island wide travel show, I have been fortunate to showcase many beautiful places, meet some amazing people and form well-established relationships with tourism operators. Obviously, there was a lot of research to do, get all my ducks in a row, deal with teenagers, my stroppy toddler and give birth to a baby, plus all the day to day home life stuff. But somehow all my stars lined up and the opportunity was presented to me – the right mindset had a lot to do with it! This  process has been an eye-opening experience, learning things I never knew were possible and completely out of my comfort zone. I thrive on doing things that are challenging but achievable.

What was initially a dream has now become a reality -The Great Family Escape is here! Check us out; take a tour through our easy to use Directory, sign up to our mailing list or, if you’re a business who would like to work with us, click on the ‘Join us’ tab. We would love to see you there.


Reanna x