5 Great reasons to take your Christmas vacation in New Zealand 


Dreaming of a warm Christmas? Christmas season is one of the best times for travelling to New Zealand. It may seem a bit odd having a summer Christmas but there are a lot of upsides to enjoying this season in the sun!      

Here are five great reasons to plan your Kiwi Christmas:


1.The Weather

New Zealand summers are milder than many places and perfect for long days at the beach, camping trips, lazy picnics, and getting outside to enjoy the sun. 

With temperatures ranging from 20 to 30C (68-86F), you’ll feel comfortable in your summer shorts all day. Summer nights are beautiful too. New Zealand’s low light pollution provides a holiday treat–a sky full of stars! You can see constellations that are only visible in the southern hemisphere in nature’s spectacular christmas light display! 

For the best night sky viewing check out the International Dark Sky Reserve. 

2. Kiwi culture is best displayed in summer 

Summer is the time to get a real feel for local kiwi culture. Beaches, barbecues, New Zealand made ice-cream, and adventures in the great outdoors are part of what makes New Zealand special. If you really want to immerse yourself in the local culture, then a Kiwi Christmas will do the job! Set up a tent, go swimming, grab a pair of jandals, and experience a real New Zealand vacation. 


3. Free events

Most of the main cities in New Zealand organise events around this time of year. Even better, the majority of the concerts, acts, and activities are completely free–that’s your Christmas entertainment sorted! 

Wellington has a three month Summer City festival every year, packed full of free events, music, and entertainment. 

Christchurch runs their annual World Buskers Festival from 23 Jan to 16 Feb as well as other summer-time events around the city. 

There are also various one-day wine and food festivals throughout the country at this time of year. 


4. The locals are on vacation

Christmas coincides with summer vacation in New Zealand. The laid-back locals will be enjoying the sun, camping, and swimming–setting the scene perfectly for you to just relax and join in with the holiday atmosphere. Summer markets, ice-cream trucks, and beach-side pop-up cafes add to the vacation feel. 

5. Laid back Christmas

Christmas can be hectic–trying to organise big family dinners, battling chaotic shopping malls, and all the pressure of making Christmas just right. New Zealanders are known for their laid-back, friendly attitudes and maybe it’s the heat, but a Kiwi Summer Christmas tends to be pretty relaxed. Take a break from the craziness and enjoy your special  family-time without the fuss.   


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