30 Mini Winter Adventures 

(For Kids 5 & Under)


Winter can be so restricting, and with colds and flu’s doing the rounds, its’ highly likely we end up hibernating in the warm! However, on the off chance that winter throws up some nice sunny days it’s good to get outside and get some fresh air!

So to keep your little sprogs entertained and you less frustrated by the confinement of your four walls, we’ve put together 30 Mini Winter Adventures to do with your toddlers and under 5’s! It’s also a nice way to spend quality time with our children. 


Chuck on the winter coat, the gumboots, head outside and start exploring!


1.Walk, climb and explore the hills

2.Roll down small hills together

3.Go bird watching and listen to the sounds they make

4.Go foraging for some yummy winter fruits and nuts

5.Make a leaf pile, run through and jump in them

6.Collect sticks and stones and stack them as high as you can

7.Explore the forest

8.Climb trees

9.Hunt for pinecones, mushrooms and anything that grows on the forest floor

10.Make a hut

11.Balance and walk along logs

12.Go on a scavenger hunt

13.Head out on a walk you’ve never done before

14.Jump in puddles

15.Feed ducks at the river or lakes 16.Throw stones in rivers or pond

17.Search for eels or fish see what you can spot

18.Head out for a walk along the beach

19.Dig for treasure at the beach, collect shells, sticks and whatever you find and take home for later use

20.Build sand castles and draw pictures in the sand

21.Explore rock pools

22.Look for crabs under rocks

23.Explore the sand dunes

24.Make a birdbath

25.Collect, petals, leaves, twigs and dirt and do some ‘garden baking’

26.Look for worms and other insects

27.Make a bughouse

28.Make a daisy chain or flax band

29.Hunt for winter flowers and identify the different colours

30.If there has been a snowfall close by, head out and find some to play in! It’s so much fun making snowmen!! For more free activities to see and do around

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