Keeping up with fitness while on holiday


Keeping up with our fitness while on holiday is usually the last thing we want to do! There’s so much exploring to do, and so many new foods to try! But, if you’re not looking to add extra weight to your frame (from all those delicious new foods), and you don’t want to have to start from ‘scratch’ again when you get home, keeping up your fitness is a good idea!


There are so many great ways you can incorporate fitness into your travels. One of the best options is to try and walk as much as you can, rather than getting into a cab or bus. This is also a fantastic way to see the place that you are staying in. And, if you’re really game – go for a run through the streets while sightseeing!


Get creative


Some accommodations have gyms, but if you don’t have a gym where you are staying, the next best thing is to do a quick workout in your room before you have brekky and head off for the day. You can use the bed, suitcases, chairs – anything that’s in the room, you can use. Get creative! Another great option is to pack a few small pieces of equipment to take with you. A skipping rope, a resistance band, or even paper plates, and Google some workouts to print out using these pieces of equipment.


Bodyweight workouts are also a great option, and you don’t need anything other than yourself, and 15 minutes!


Give this quick 15-minute workout a go and you’ll be ready to seize the day!


12 squats (weight optional – suitcase etc).

12 Pushups on floor (knees or toes)

12 Burpees (if jumping isn’t an option, modify & walk out the burpee!)

12 Sit ups (feet under the bed)


Repeat 3 times with a 10 sec rest between each exercise, and a 30sec rest at the end of each round!


Kowhai Buchanan - The Fitt Mum Project

Kowhai Buchanan – The Fitt Mum Project

About our Guest Blogger

Kowhai lives in Christchurch NZ, with her partner and 2yr old daughter. She is a qualified personal trainer and the Founder of ‘The Fitt mum project.’

Designed to help mums of all ages and abilities to get the support and help they need towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

While at University, Kowhai battled with her weight gain and tried many fad diets. Once she had found the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle, she was then inspired to help other women.  Jump forward ten years and after having her first child, The Fitt Mum Project is here.  A motivational transformation program designed to change the way we think about our eating habits and exercise.

“I have learnt so much throughout my own health and fitness journey, and I know how hard it can be to reach your goals. That is why I have created The Fitt Mum Project – to help Mums like you not only achieve long term results, but to help you become the BEST version of you” – Kowhai