Summer is coming and with the warmer months quickly approaching it’s time to start getting ready for long days, hot weather and new menus.

Being on top of your health and beauty regime before the time comes is an excellent way to get the most out of New Zealand’s favourite season.

Feel fresh and energised both inside and out!



Summer is the time to embrace all of the amazing fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables out there.

Berries are a fantastic addition to breakfasts and desserts – think blueberry porridge, raspberry and kale smoothies or berries are a great snack on their own.

They can be a little on the expensive side, but the antioxidants which these gems hold makes it worth the price.

While this may not be everyone’s favourite, celery is packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin C. On top of this, it has minimal calories and has been proven to reduce inflammation and help out your digestive system.

If you aren’t a fan of the standard celery sticks and hummus combination, try adding celery to your smoothies or juices, or chopping it finely and putting it in a pasta sauce. It also makes a great base for vegetable soup or homemade stock.


Skin Care

Looking after your skin should be a number one priority over summer.

Avoiding sunburn and the drying effects that it has on your skin can be achieved by swapping your daily foundation with a tinted sunscreen and using a high SPF lotion on the rest of your body.

It is important to use a nourishing moisturiser on your body to ensure that your skin stays hydrated. Xtendlife’s lightweight Age Defying Body Lotion is an excellent choice, promoting fresh clear skin and fighting dryness and inflammation.

On top of all this, remember the age-old tip to keeping your skin and body hydrated – drink a lot of water, ideally around eight glasses a day. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon to help cleanse your system and give your body a potassium and Vitamin C boost.



Summer makeup should be light and look fresh. Swap the earthy tones of winter for cleaner colours – think pinks, oranges, bright reds and nudes rather than deep reds, purples, browns and blacks.

Keeping things simple will give you a crisp, flawless look. Try highlighting just one aspect of your face – your lips, eyes or cheeks – instead of all of them.

For an effective natural look, accentuate your brows, apply a little mascara to your top lashes and use a pale pink or nude lipstick.

Don’t cover your skin in heavy foundation – give the tinted sunscreen or BB cream a go first or opt for a lightweight choice instead.


Get Active

The gym is not for everyone and this is okay. There are many other ways of working your body during and leading up to summer.

Yoga is the perfect low-intensity workout. Yoga allows you to push your body only as much as you feel comfortable and always leaving you feeling clear headed and rejuvenated.

Gardening is another great way of exercising your body without having to get on a machine or go for a run and is very therapeutic for some people.

For a higher intensity option, give cycling a go. There are plenty of great cycling tracks around the country which don’t involve riding on the road.

For Aucklander’s, try the Te Ara Tahuna Estuary cycle and walkway in Orewa or the Auckland Waterfront trail from Britomart to Mission Bay. This is a great way to soak up the sun and see some of the countryside at the same time, a must-do for every New Zealander during Summer.



Angela Stone

Director of Angela Stone Consulting

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