Being holiday ready doesn’t necessarily mean making sure you’ve packed everything. The pets are taken care of and you’ve saved enough money. It’s also about how you before heading away on your trip both inside and out!


Firstly, who can honestly admit that when you book your holiday you calculate how much time you have to shed some pounds? We all want to look fab in all those photos right?

Some of us are so self conscious that we’re over come with pressure to prepare our bodies to be holiday ready!


Sound all too familiar…?


When balancing work, the kids and all the day-to-day responsibilities, trying to eat well and exercise is actually quite a mean feat. Before we know it we’re caught off guard and we’ve fallen off the wagon! How many times has this happened to you?


Holidays, although always welcomed, can actually cause us to feel more pressure into dropping some weight and getting into shape.


Day-to-day life


In my day-to-day life, unless I have too, I make very little effort at all. Working from home means I don’t really have too.

Most days, I don’t use much of my time to focus on myself. The most I manage is a 2 minute shower, chucking on something comfy, slapping on some moisturiser,  putting my hair up in a ‘mum bun’ then I’m straight into work while the kids aren’t here.

When it comes to holidays, believe me I do get somewhat stressed that I look terrible. I’m not sure what it is, but for some reason I know that if it’s hot I can’t hide away in big jerseys and tights. 

Don’t get me wrong, if I attack my eyebrows, put some makeup on and run the straighteners through my hair I’m at least half decent.  Then there’s sorting through my wardrobe only to realise I can’t even get into half of the clothes except the maternity gear!

Oh the joys of letting yourself go!


Mum body


There is always a part of us that dreams of being back to how we were a ‘few years ago’ when we had TIME to invest in ourselves.

But let’s be real – things are never going to be back to that. In reality, it comes down to accepting that our mum body (check out this blog written by Amy from Darwin family Life) whether you love it or not, represents who you are – A mum!

Most of you can relate to this in many ways, it’s just a matter of working with the new figures we have.




We ALL know that the NEED to prioritise our time is essential. Our well being is so much more important than house work… let’s face it – those chores are always going to be there.

Whether you are heading away on holiday or not being the best versions of yourself, both physically and mentally is so important.

Not only will you feel like a million dollars but your kids will benefit from that too, as per our recent blog finding the balance


But for now, if you’re feeling a little under pressure as your holiday approaches, don’t stress! Here are some easy steps to get you holiday ready and looking fab! 


Steps to get you holiday ready:

 1. Get a spray tan:

A Spray tan makes your skin look sun kissed, healthier and less washed out.

2.Get your nails done:

Having pretty nails can really make you feel more feminine

3.Get your hair done:

Who doesn’t feel amazing with a new do! If it’s possible and you’re due for it then why not

4. Make an appointment with your beautician:

Get your Brazilian and other maintenance done. Take wax strips just in case!

5. Drink a lot of water:

This is must! Plus, if you enjoy drinking wine or cocktails then you will NEED water to re-hydrate your body.


Enjoy your break – You deserve it x


P.S Add these to your packing list

Sunscreen & sunglasses

A decent moisturiser

Insect repellent

Dry shampoo

Wax strips & tweezers

BB cream or mineral powder for light coverage

Pack a few essential makeup items for evening wear