Finding the balance between being a Mum and taking care of your health & wellbeing


Finding a healthy balance between being a Mum, work life, looking after the household, and taking care of our own health & wellbeing, can be tough.


With our demanding kiddies, work, and the never-ending cycle of washing and dishes, we tend to forget about ourselves.

Often we think about how nice it would be to get back into exercise, start making better food choices, and even meet up with friends for a coffee, but before we know it another day has gone by and it’s time to cook dinner and bath the kids!


Over time our ability to tolerate our kids demands and tantrums dwindles, and everything becomes incredibly overwhelming. Those tiny voices constantly repeating ‘Mum’ finally becomes too much and we end up exploding into a pile of rage and tears. That special dinner finally comes around, and when we go to grab something nice from the wardrobe, it doesn’t fit! Well, not like it used to anyway. Before the night has even started, we are feeling down and defeated. This seems to come back around like ‘ground hog day’ as we haven’t yet had the time to take care of these ‘issues’.


Stay on top of the daily grind


Taking care of ourselves and our health and wellbeing has to be a priority if we want to stay on top of ‘the daily grind’ and to feel our best. A great place to start is by allocating a part of your day everyday to focus on your health & wellness. As Mums we are all busy, but putting ourselves first; even if it’s for just 10 minutes a day, will create a domino effect. You will start to feel the difference in your mood, energy levels, and your overall outlook on life, and this in turn helps you to become a ‘better’ Mum – more energy to play with the kids, more tolerant, less snappy etc. And being a ‘better’ Mum can only be beneficial for your relationship with your kids.


If you find that taking the time is difficult while the kids are around, try to sneak in a quick workout while they are asleep, or take them for a walk in the pram and get some fresh air. If preschool is an option – even if only for a couple of hours – this will give you the time for yourself. Or, perhaps you have family members that could take the kids for a couple of hours, or you may have a gym near by that has childcare. There are always options; you just have to look. You will find your balance eventually.


Now, when you do have a break from the kids, DON’T use this time to clean and tidy the house! Use this time on anything that is going to make you FEEL GOOD. The housework can wait!


Kowhai Buchanan - The Fitt Mum Project

Kowhai Buchanan – The Fitt Mum Project

About our Guest Blogger

Kowhai lives in Christchurch NZ, with her partner and 2yr old daughter. She is a qualified personal trainer and the Founder of ‘The Fitt mum project.’

Designed to help mums of all ages and abilities to get the support and help they need towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

While at University, Kowhai battled with her weight gain and tried many fad diets. Once she had found the right direction towards a healthy lifestyle, she was then inspired to help other women.  Jump forward ten years and after having her first child, The Fitt Mum Project is here.  A motivational transformation program designed to change the way we think about our eating habits and exercise.

“I have learnt so much throughout my own health and fitness journey, and I know how hard it can be to reach your goals. That is why I have created The Fitt Mum Project – to help Mums like you not only achieve long term results, but to help you become the BEST version of you” – Kowhai