Holidays with teenagers, should be straightforward right? You would think so but for some it doesn’t always pan out that way.


Teenagers are funny humans; Interaction can be somewhat limited and their ability to understand and communicate with more than 2 or 3 word answers is almost non-existent. Ok that maybe a little bit of an exaggeration but most parents will understand what I mean by that.


We have 5 children in our family who vary in age. It can be hard to cater to everyone’s needs and at each stage the experiences will mean different requirements, it does require adapting and making leeway so everyone gets the most out of the trip.


Leaving the childhood days behind and becoming a young adult has its ups and downs, its challenges, eye rolls and attitude. Caring more about the way one looks, hanging out with friends and being socially accepted is now a huge part of actually what matters in life.


Going on holiday, as exciting as it is has no exceptions to this new way of thinking. Your teenager now has to accept being stuck with the whole family especially those annoying younger siblings for a set period of time.


The best way to get your family holiday off to a good start, is to set expectations from the get go, make sure that he or she is well aware that the holiday is for everyone, it is your holiday as much as theirs and everyone needs to have a blast!

Here are a few handy pointers to help you out!

1. Get them involved, when you are planning your holiday, ask them to see what activities are available for everyone, let them find an activity that will be challenging and a bit out their comfort zone

2. The smart phone, make it clear that phones are for down time only, you haven’t paid all that money just to watch your kids on their phones. 

3. Encourage interaction, step outside, people watch, talk to the locals and engage with the surroundings. 

3. Just because it’s a holiday it shouldn’t mean that they no longer have responsibilities. If they have them at home then continue them within reason on the trip, everyone should help out in some way and still get to relax.

4. Accommodation, work this out on the budget you have, insuring that they still get their own space and preferably own room…you’ll need it too!

 5. Enjoy down time, teens are into this anyway! Make a day with no plans, stay in and watch movies and relax and recharge.

6. If at all possible plan one day around each member of the family – Let that person have the say for the day -make it all about them for ONE DAY!


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