10 ways to save for the holidays!

The Summer holidays are coming…need some cash quick smart? Thankfully this isn’t a finance company trying to lure you in, actually it’s quite the opposite. However, this is a subtle reminder that we are well on our way towards another silly season and as we start to prepare ourselves for the inevitable, we are quickly reminded that it’s time to start planning and saving for our summer holidays!!  Here are our easy 10 ways to save for the holidays!

1.Get on top of your expenses

Firstly, sit down and work out your monthly expenses, if you have a partner then get them involved. Work out where you can make some cut backs, it could be your food bill, maybe reduce your phone plans. Overhaul your outgoings see if you have the best rates and are on the best plans across all your accounts.  

2.Plan out your holiday

By planning and doing your research you should be able to get a fair idea of the costs involved. From, flights or petrol costs, locations and what activities you have on your wish list. Don’t wing it, it may cost you more if you leave it to long. From here you can start to work out exactly how much you need to save.

3.Time to spring clean

It’s time start the spring clean and clear out all your old gear. Before you pass things for free, see what you have that you could make a bit of cash off by selling. Facebook market place is perfect for this, it’s free and it’s instant. Or if you have way to many things then hold a garage sale. By far the best way to make some money and make some space in your home!

4.Reduce your grocery bill

Before you do your grocery shopping have a good look through your pantry and freezer, chuck out anything that has expired then see what you have and how you can turn it into a meal. Then plan out your weekly meals, set a budget and take cash instead of card that will stop impulsive buying.  

5.Online shopping

I heard so many good things about online grocery shopping that I had to try! Not only did I save money because I was able to stick to budget, it saved time and you can save your list to make it easier for future shops…too easy!

6.Pay your bills on time and avoid the penalties.

This is so hard to do sometimes but if you can get into a good system then it will become easy. Leaving it or avoiding it can cost us, it all adds up!

7.What are you good at?

Can you bake, sew, mow lawns or good in the garden? If yes, then put your skills to work and offer your services around your local neighbourhood, put together a flier or put an advert on neighbourly, exchange your time for vouchers or cash.

8.Uber Driver

As long as you and you’re vehicle meets the minimal requirements then becoming an Uber Driver is actually really easy! You can make quick money and work the hours that suit you!

9.Unused Memberships

How many of you have a gym membership that hasn’t been used in months or music subscriptions? Ask yourself if you really need it. Cut it and you can add that to your weekly or monthly saving just like that!

10.Left over money in your account

If you have left over money in your account the night before payday, then lucky you!! Don’t waste it; transfer it into that savings account. If you haven’t spent it, then you don’t need it and you wont miss it once your pay comes through.

Good Luck 🙂