Too often we get caught up in our day-to-day lives, full of routine and time limits. We become so fine-tuned that we don’t realise how quickly the days and years just fly by, we become so precious of our time that often it’s the ones we love the most who miss out – our kids!! 

Children have no perception of TIME, it is nothing to them, it has no meaning or restraints. When a small child gets upset unless they are hungry or tired, 9 times out of 10 it is purely because they want your attention.

As they grow older they will start to really enjoy your company, they mimic and look up to you, copy phrases and silly things you say, probably at this point they are more independent but still young enough to really enjoy being with you.

When they hit the teenage years they start to become detached and would rather hang out with their friends or interact on technology. Not always but in some cases it can be hard to encourage them to join in on family activities or spend time together.      


So, most importantly mums and dads before your kids grow up too fast, slow down take some time and enjoy each other’s company!


Here are some cool ideas for you to do with your kids that are inexpensive and they will love!


1.Camp out in the lounge

Remember the fun you had as a child, using blankets, sheets and pillows and making a hut in the lounge. Do this with your child, build a hut and sleep over in the lounge. Let them make a messthey will love this!


2.Midnight Feast

How often do they do something spontaneous and unusual like this? Tell them that it’s going to happen so they aren’t too surprised when they are woken, then enjoy something yum together!


3.Explore the forest or sand dunes

Get them outside and have some fun exploring the forest or sand dunes and finding small treasures along the way


4.Their pick 

All you need is 5 envelopes, in each one write one thing that you know your child loves to do, e.g swimming, movies, go to the park etc and let them pick one of the envelopes at random. Then off you go!!


5.Date night with mum or dad

Head out for a bite to eat, walk down the beach or anything that you can enjoy together, make it about them.


6.Movie night & Pjs

Enjoy a movie night with your favourite foods!


7. Go camping

If you’re not really a fan, that’s ok, maybe start off in your own backyard, enjoy a picnic, star gaze and enjoy some story telling. 


8. Take photos and videos

Take photos of each other over a few weeks and months. When you have enough make a scrap book together and write about the cool things you have done and the memories you’ve made. Kids love looking back at the fun times and cool photos of themselves.


It’s not always the things that cost a lot that they remember. It’s the things big or small that you did or taught them that they treasure the most. They grow up so fast remember that!